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Project Design and Investment Opportunities

We make your visions realistic by adding facts deriving from using relevant analytic tools, and thus we make your ideas presentable to people, who do not have your visions and need the facts for making the decision you are looking for. This includes:

  • Elaboration of initial analysis
  • Elaboration of feasibility studies
  • Elaboration of projects of financing
  • Fitting the best financial instruments for financing of the particular projects
  • Suggesting investors / providers of external financing, initial negotiation
  • Assistance in finding contractors for project implementation

We are actively looking for investment and business opportunities in all the markets where we are present (mainly Asia, the USA and Eastern Europe). We are offering our experience in matching your expectations with the correct projects. We concentrate on projects with measurable risks. We work per order for several important investment groups based in the Czech Republic, Switzerland and the USA.